Yoga Teacher Training Application

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200 HOUR YOGA TEACHER TRAINING applicants, please fill out Section 1.

500 HOUR YOGA TEACHER TRAINING applicants, please fill out Sections 1 & 2.

IAYT YOGA THERAPY applicants, please fill out the entire application.

You may also download an application and mail it to:
The Soul •  Attention: The Soul Institute • 627 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas, CA 92024



Section 1

What program are you applying for?*







Home Phone*

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Your Email*

Emergency Contact Name*

Emergency Contact Phone*

How did you first learn about this training?

Who referred you?

How long have you been practicing yoga?

Which tradition(s) or style(s) do you practice?

How many days per week do you practice? How long do you practice each day?

How many months/years have you maintained this practice schedule?

Do you practice meditation regularly?

If yes, how often and how long do you practice?

Do you have a morning sadhana or personal practice?

If yes, what is it?

Why are you applying?

Do you have any other information or concerns to share about attending this program?



Medical Questionnaire

All responses are confidential. We use this information only to better assist you during the program. We do not medically screen participants (unless participation would be medically inadvisable)

Date of Birth

Please briefly describe your current overall health

Describe any history (include dates) of back/spine/neck problems, and indicate whether they still give you problems. Please be specific

Describe any history (include dates) of joint problems (knee, hip, shoulder, etc.) including joint repair/replacement surgeries. Please be specific

Blood Pressure

When was it last checked?

Have you ever taken blood pressure medication?

If yes, how recently?

Describe any history (even if you are just “at risk”) of cardiovascular problems

Select any of the following difficulties you have had
DiabetesOsteoporosis-OsteopeniaChronic headachesUlcersStrokeSeizuresAllergiesAsthmaCancerFrequent dizzinessOther

Please explain relevant specifics

Are you pregnant?

If yes, when is your baby due?

Do you have any other limitations, dietary restrictions, or health concerns? If so, please explain

Are you currently seeing a physician or therapist for any physical or psychological conditions?

If yes, please explain

Are you now taking medication for any physical or psychological conditions?

If yes, what medications you taken for which conditions and with what frequency? (If you have asthma medications and/or nitroglycerine, please keep them with you at all times.)

If you have any learning disabilities, or other special physical or psychological circumstances, please explain below so we can better serve you during this program




Section 2

If you are applying for the 500 hour Advanced Training or our Yoga Therapy program, please continue

At what school did you complete/are enrolled for/ 200 hour teacher training?

School Name

Dates Attended

School Address

School Address2

School Contact


School Phone

School Website

Have you taught Yoga since completion of 200 hour certificate?

Please list where you have taught (attach an extra sheet, if necessary). Include name of center, start date, number of classes taught per week/month

Have you done any other training/continuing education since you finished your 200 hour training?

If yes, please list

Where do you practice?




Section 3

If you are applying for the Yoga Therapy program, please continue

Do you hold any degrees or certifications in any other healing modalities?

If yes, please list

How long have you been in this healing profession?

Please tell us a little about your healing practice, i.e. is it a profession? What drives you to do it?

What is your passion as it relates to being a Yoga Therapist?