3 Best Poses for Back pain

There are some things that you just can’t put on hold because of back pain like the night of your daughter’s school play, a big presentation at work, the day of your son’s wedding, Thanksgiving dinner preparation, and so on.

Even if you can’t get to your chiropractor, massage therapist, or acupuncturist in that moment there are still some things you can do alleviate the pain and tightness and move more freely through your day.

For these three back pain relieving yoga poses you don’t even need a mat. You just need a little room on the floor and 6 minutes of your time.

Here are three easy poses you can use to bring some relief:



Therapeutic Tool



  • Move legs into abdomen while moving belly area back on the exhale, push legs away from chest on inhale.
  • Assists healthy elimination.
  • Do this at least 10 times. I’ve had to do it for 5 minutes before it yielded relief. But eventually it did.

Moving and Restorative Bridge

  • On inhale tilt your pubic bone towards your belly button. On exhale relax your back.
  • If it feels tight keep doing the pelvic tilts 5 times or until you feel some relief.
  • If it feels ok slowly bring your hips up off the ground on the inhale, lower them on the exhale. Only go as high as you can with NO pain.

Hip Opener

  • Cross your right ankle over your left thigh.
  • Push your left thigh forward with your left hand.
  •  If possible reach around your left thigh and bring your legs in towards your abdomen.
  • This will produce a stretch feeling in your right buttock. Stay for a least a minute breathing deeply or as long as it takes to feel some relief.
  • Switch to the other side and repeat.
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About the Author:

Monique Lonner is a Yoga Therapist and Director of the Yoga Therapy Training Program at Soul of Yoga in Encinitas. She’s been teaching and studying the therapeutic benefits of yoga since 2002. Monique teaches anatomy and physiology to other yoga teachers and therapists and participates in the free yoga therapy clinic at Soul of Yoga. For more information on the Soul of Yoga call (760) 943-7685.