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This training will provide you with the anatomical, physiological, medical, and metaphysical information you need when working therapeutically with pregnant clients and students. Women undergo many changes while pregnant, including those that can cause pain, discomfort, and fear. This training offers you tools and understanding to help alleviate some of the physically and emotionally challenging aspects of pregnancy. You will learn how to instill a sense of peace and wellbeing during this miraculous time of life. This training offers a multitude of therapeutic yogic tools for conditions of pregnancy including asana, breath work, meditation, and visualization.
 These tools will allow you to empower your pregnant students to trust their bodies and themselves. Using yoga practices you will help to strengthen, support, and prepare the mother’s body for pregnancy and delivery. The more you can do, as their teacher, to draw women into the sacred container of their own pregnancy and birth, the easier it will be for them to discover the state of Yoga (or union) within.

September 15-17th & 19th, 2017

9/15 – 9/17: 9am – 6pm & 9/19 5:50pm – 7:30pm


Enroll Now – Tuition $450


Upon completion of this course you will:

Understand the anatomical, physical, emotional, and metaphysical changes that occur during pregnancy.

Have learned the common complaints and issues associated with pregnancy.

Be familiar with the high risk conditions associated with pregnancy.

Be prepared to teach asana contraindications for pregnancy.

Have therapeutic, yogic tools including asana, breath work, meditations and visualizations for common and high risk conditions.

Know how to design a safe and effective practice for pregnant students.


Course Syllabus:

Day 1 

  1. Creating Safe Space
  2. Course overview
  3. Esoteric Anatomy of pregnancy

Day 2

  1. Anatomical and physiological changes due to pregnancy: brain & endocrine system, cardiovascular system,  respiratory system, digestive system, reproductive system, musculoskeletal system
  2. Common complaints and issues: low back pain and sciatica, sacroiliac pain, pain in thoracic and cervical spine.

Day 3 

  1. Common complaints and conditions continued:  fatigue, headaches, insomnia, joint pain and swelling, indigestion and heartburn, espophageal regurgitation, mood swings, heat intolerance, nausea, vomiting, constipation, increase in urination, tender breasts, foot cramps, knee pain, carpal tunnel,  varicose veins.
  2. Contraindications and applied therapeutic techniques including asana, breathing and visualization.

Day 4 

  1. Higher risk conditions: bleeding, hypertension, hypotension, heart murmurs, physiologic anemia, uterine compression on vena cava, dyspnea, diastasis recti abdominis, acroesthesia, light-headedness or syncope due to vasomotor instability, hiatal hernia, round ligament pain, hydronephrosis (renal issues), proteinuria,  breech baby, gestational diabetes, hypoglycemia, placenta previa,  public bone pain, preeclampsia, miscarriage,
  2. Contraindications and applied therapeutic techniques including asana, breathing and visualization.
  3. Practice in-take, planning and teaching

Day 5 

  1. Observing a Prenatal Class
  2. Sharing, Q&A


Recommended Reading:

Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives: Deepak Chopra, MD, David Simon, MD

Prenatal Yoga: Finding Movement in Fullness: Candice Garrett

Birthing From Within: Pam England and Rob Horowitz

Yoga Mama Yoga Baby: Margo Shapiro Bachman


Elective for 300 Hour and Yoga Therapy Training

Upon completion you will be eligible to register 25 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) with Yoga Alliance (YA).



flossieFlossie Park – ERYT-500, Always considering herself as a student of life, Flossie has studied with numerous teachers. She has been teaching and actively involved in the wellness field for over 25 years. Flossie has dedicated her life to empowering herself and others through yoga, meditations, workshops, teacher trainings, retreats, Crystal Bowl sound therapy and numerous other modalities. Yin Yoga is one of her passions.



Ema Mostofian, MD – graduated from Dartmouth Medical School in 2004 and finished residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Naval Medical Center San Diego in 2008.  She served with Marines and Sailors in Iraq for 7 months as a Naval Officer and Physician and finished her tour of service at the Navy at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton in October 2012.  She currently is a staff Obstetrician and Gynecologist at North County Health Services and Tri City Medical Center.   She is also a 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher through the Soul of Yoga Institute.


Enroll Now – Tuition $450