Kundalini Yoga, OMG is there a cult at the Soul?  And what is up with these turbans, wearing all white and chanting Guru, Guru, Guru?  Who is this Guru?  Ultimately the Guru is YOU.  Gu meaning ‘darkness’ and Ru meaning ‘light’.  The Guru is your own Soul, it is your mother-in-law, your child, your yoga teacher and your biggest adversary.  It is the all-pervading force that holds our existence together.

Kundalini Yoga is a spiritual technology, it is not a religion.  It is what is called a Raj Yoga, meaning Royal and of the Highest.  At the Soul of Yoga the thread of Raj Yoga flows through all our classes bringing you more than a physical workout but a deeper experience of your true essence.

But still, why turbans and all the other odd practices in Kundalini?  The turban is a tool that creates a stability and security physically and spiritually for the mind.  The actual pressure points it creates help regulate the rising energy and harness its usefulness.  Or simply covering your head during chanting or meditation adds energy to your practice, reverence and amplifies the Aura.  This applies to wearing white also as it aides the electromagnetic field enhancing its brilliance for better protection and projection.

Known as the householders yoga, Kundalini Yoga is for everyBODY.  No weight requirements, no flexibility required or previous spiritual experience needed.  It is for the busy mom, stressed out businessman, and the over stimulated teenager.  It is a gift from thousands of years ago delivered now in our modern world to expedite our growing need for peace, fulfilment and love.

Never more has the world needed a place of connection and tolerance.  A place where an individual can go and find the perfect recipe of spiritual tools that assist in the uncoiling of their true essence.  The Soul of Yoga provides a home for Kundalini Yoga not just so you can cope with the pressures of society but so you can succeed and elevate your life.

Kundalini Yoga, different and sometimes just plain weird and yet somehow strangely perfect for the times we are living in.

Marcia teaches Kundalini Yoga at the Soul 9am Saturdays, 10:45am Mondays, and 5:30pm Wednesdays