Yoga alliance and Yoga Therapy

You may have noted a very important recent decision from Yoga Alliance regarding the use of the terms “Yoga Therapy” and “Yoga Therapist”.

Yoga Alliance now prohibits the use of these terms by any 200 or 500 hour training program which is registered with YA. Further, RYT 200 and RYT 500 Yoga Teachers who do not have an additional training designation can not use these terms in their own marketing materials, including personal websites and even business cards. Any school or teacher found in noncompliance to this request may be in danger of losing their YA registration.

What does this mean? It means that Yoga Alliance recognizes that it is not in equipped, nor in the position to govern the field of Yoga Therapy. YA expressed a concern over possible litigation related to under-trained Yoga professionals claiming a level of training and competency that they do not yet have. These are valid concerns.

Being a Yoga Therapist is different than being a Yoga Teacher and Yoga Alliance has just made that distinction clear. Being a Yoga Teacher is a wonderful career. Yoga classes help people bring balance and well-being to their bodies, mind and spirits and that can have a very therapeutic effect on many different conditions.

Being a Yoga Therapist requires 500 hours additional training in the therapeutic aspects of Yoga, those that are ancient and those that are now being scientifically proven to be healing for specific conditions and diseases.  Yoga Therapy even has a separate governing body than Yoga Alliance. This governing body is the International Association of Yoga Therapists and it is its role to oversee and administer to the field of Yoga Therapy.

If you’re interested in being a professional Yoga Therapist be sure to explore Soul of Yoga’s IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy Training program. We are one of only 18 schools in the country, and the only complete program in San Diego, that offer this most extensive level of Yoga training in the healing arts.

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