Deepen your Spiritual Connection

with Heart Centered Retreats

Soul of Yoga retreats are get-a-ways to exotic places in the world or comfortable places around the corner. They are gateways to intimate places in the heart and open floodgates to peace in the Soul. Each retreat is a sacred space to deepen your experience of yoga, slip into stillness, learn, heal, envision and strengthen your connection to Spirit.

Upcoming Retreats

The-Feminine-Mystic-Retreat-5The Feminine Mystic Retreat

Thursday, October 30 – Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cost: $790 – $855

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This is NOT a Workshop

You’ve learned enough. No more intellectual indigestion. It’s time to experience. Right Now! Today!


Why? Women Have a New Role…

That’s right. We have a new role in the new millennium. And it’s time for us–and you to step up and step into that role. The Dalai Lama through down the gantlet when he stated “The World Will Be Saved By the Western Woman”  Our new role is the Modern Mystic.

Let’s experience the how-to-do-that together in gorgeous Santa Barbara.
You will benefit. All women will benefit. Discover your happiness, peace, purpose and magic!
You need to UNPLUG.  All the stimulus in the busy world–your world…reinforces the limited concept of who you are. It’s time to experience the grace and power of your Feminine Soul!

Expand your perspective… Join the Mystic Movement!

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