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Independent Studies

Electives, Independent Studies and CEUs

Expand your reach as a teacher or simply enrich your life. The Soul Institute offers specialized trainings throughout the year. These trainings comprise the required and elective courses available to our 500 hour and Yoga Therapy students. They are open to anyone, including certified yoga teachers not currently enrolled in our training programs. Each training is approved by Yoga Alliance for Continuing Education Credits. Credits vary by course.


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Soul of Body

December 4-13, 2017

This 10-day intensive is an interdisciplinary collection of teachings from masters in the fields of medicine, yoga, biology, and spirituality. You will further understand how mental, emotional, spiritual and physical states interact to create balance or imbalance in the body and learn how to restore balance through practice.

75 hours • A la Carte: $1350

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Soul of Life

Dates TBA April 2018

This 10-day intensive is the other of our duo of interdisciplinary courses. All stages of life walk into your yoga class. Most students fit classes in where they can, often ignoring level or ability suggestions. Be prepared to safely address any students’ needs, at any age or stage of life, with accurate training.

75 hours • A la Carte: $1350

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Secret Power of Yoga

Dates TBA 2019

4 day immersion with Nischala Joy Devi spent learning Yogic practices for balancing the body and mind interwoven with Yoga Sutra study to open the heart.

30 hours • A la Carte: $360

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Kundalini 30 hour

July 7-9, 2017

This course is the next step in your daily practice of Kundalini technology. Working closely with your instructor, you will become more intimately familiar with your emotional states and learn how to accurately select the right Kundalini techniques to maintain emotional balance.

30 hours • A la Carte: $450

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Yin Yoga

August 26 - August 29, 2017

Yin Yoga, the practice of holding a passive pose for 3 minutes or more to access mobility in the connective tissue is sometimes misunderstood. What is this connective tissue? Where is it? And why should we stretch it at all? Join Joe Barnett, one of Yin Yoga’s most respected teachers, as he reveals the truth behind the philosophy and physiology of Yin Yoga and its benefit to practitioners.

30 hours • A la Carte: $540

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Prenatal Training

September 15-17 & 19, 2017

Whether you plan to teach prenatal classes or not, this training will prepare you to support pregnant women on and off the mat. Pregnancy is a naturally yogic state. The profound union between mother and baby naturally shifts a woman’s attention inward. Learn how to generate beneficial energy and to care for the pregnant body.

25 hours • A la Carte: $450

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Healing Relationships

Sept 27 - Oct 1, 2017

This course will teach you to perform a professional intake, how to use this information in a therapeutic context, and use it to develop your treatment plan. By work in dyads and on case studies you will understand the function of the therapist and how to effectively deliver benefit. This course is crucial to working as a healer.

30 hours • A la Carte: $540

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Tantric Healer - Numerology

August 11-13, 2017

Discover how to go directly to the underlying cause of ‘dis-ease’ by entering the quantum field and how to address ‘dis-ease’ with subconscious re-patterning. You will learn to easily identify all underlying blockages and to use the tools of tantric numerology for a reconnection of mind, body and soul. This course will prepare you to work on yourself and individual clients.

25 hours • A la Carte: $350

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Tantric Healer - Love Coach

January 27-29, 2017

In Tantric Healer – Numerology we focused on individual healing. In Tantric Healer – Love we will be focusing on the healing power of relationships. We have three levels of consciousness, individual, group, and cosmic. You will learn to uplift all your relationships from the confinement of the finite into the freedom of the infinite.

25 hours • A la Carte: $350

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Crystal Bowl Practitioner

June 10, 2017

Every cell of every thing, living or ‘non-living’, vibrates. The vibrations of various sounds can penetrate any substance and help raise the vibration of every part of our beingsfrom physical cells to consciousness. Learn how to play the powerful crystal bowls for a healing session, yoga class or for meditation. No prior experience necessary, crystal bowls are provided.

A la Carte: $60

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Holistic Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga

Rolling Admission

Holistic Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga provides you with an understanding of structural anatomy and holistic physiology as it relates to yoga. The course is segmented by areas of the body. Each month you will explore common injuries, illnesses, and therapeutic practices associated with the topic of the month.

125 hours • A la Carte: $1625
1 Class: $100

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Life Force Yoga for Mood Management

October 27-31, 2017

LifeForce Yoga practices are evidence based and are supported by current psycho-neurobiology research. This training will teach you yogic practices used in healthcare settings for managing various psycho-emotional imbalances including depression, panic attacks, trauma and OCD.

30 hours • A la Carte: $600
Fri Only: $45

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Healing with Chakras

October 4-7, 2018

This course will explore the nature of each chakra, its characteristics, temperaments, and their relationships with each other. For each center you will consider the associated modern maladies and examine the question, “Are they preventable or inevitable?”

25 hours • A la Carte: $450

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Yoga of Recovery

July 28-August 3, 2017

Yoga of Recovery is the first comprehensive course to combine Ayurveda and Yoga with traditional recovery tools to offer a more holistic mind, body, spirit approach to coping with addiction and self-destructive behaviors.

50 hours • A la Carte: $900

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Ayurvedic Studies

Dates TBA 2018 - 50hr Webinair
More Information Coming Soon

Reiki Intensive

January 13-15, 2018

Early bird ends December 2nd!

Reiki is a journey into self-healing and healing others through universal energy and close connection. Through lecture, meditation, interactive practice, and attunement you will learn how to heal with Reiki.

3 Modules @ 6 Hours Each
Early Bird: All 3 – $525 or $190 per Module

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Foundations of Meditation Silent Retreat

June 25-30, 2017

Yoga and meditation have been scientifically proven to foster health, resiliency, well-being and healing for physical, psycho-emotional, and spiritual challenges. The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali affirms that the path of Self-Realization needs to include a complete path of emotional, cognitive and meditative practices if one is to truly experience spiritual transformation.

40 hours • A la Carte: $1225 – $1500

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Meditation and The Mind

March 10-12, 2017

In this course you will confront the mind with compassionate and effect techniques to calm and retrain the mind.  We must befriend our mind and we can do this with the right approach and energy.  The Soul is the perfect Master for the mind, when they work together and form a holy bond, your life undergoes a complete makeover.

30 hours • A la Carte: $450

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Choose from the largest selection of courses


Choose from the largest selection of courses of any yoga institute in the country.

Tuition Assistance

We offer payment plans for our courses

Tuition Assistance

We offer payment plans for our courses, discounts for early registration, and discounts for payment-in-full. Contact Program Advisor Dawn Castillo for more information.


Ease of access to the center & amenities


Whether you are coming in from out of town or traveling to Soul of Yoga locally, you can’t beat the ease of access to the center and close-by amenities.
This place holds what the name indicates: ‘Soul of Yoga’! As an explorer of life, I have travelled a lot through the world and have seen a lot of yoga studios. This one has a special feeling. Here, there is the possibility to truly connect to the Soul, to the true self. Because of this I chose the Soul to complete my advanced teacher trainings. These trainings have supported my transformational process and connected me to my heart! This place is for those who really are interested in learning all facets of Yoga, not just the physical practice. Thank you Soul of Yoga for these unique experiences!
Stephen R. San Diego, CA

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Financial Aid Services

The Soul Institute is committed to investing in motivated yogis by helping students accommodate the financial commitment of education. We offer a number of discounts to financially reward qualifying students. We are MyCAA approved and offer assistance with navigating the MyCAA scholarship process for military spouses. Lastly we offer customized payment plans. Explore the information below and reach out with any questions while you are moving through the application process.

Financial Aid

The Soul Institute offers payment plans. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required. The balance, plus an 8% service fee, will be placed on your account. Monthly auto-payments will be drawn using a Visa or MasterCard. 200 hour training payment plans not to exceed 6 months.

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Military Financing Available

MyCAA Funding gives eligible military spouses the opportunity to train for portable jobs in growing career fields, including becoming a Yoga Teacher. Soul of Yoga Institute is MYCAA approved. Click below for more information about MyCAA or email

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