Kundalini 200 Hour


Be Immersed in the Technology of Kundalini Yoga – Just $2,400!

May 21 ~ 25, June 5 ~ 6, July 3 ~ 5, July 31 ~ August 2,
September 4 ~ 7 and September 11 ~ 13

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To Find Out About Our Easy and Affordable Payment Options Call – Dawn, Program Specialist at 760.271.7001 or Sundara@soulofyoga.com.

Master yourself and live the life You are DESTINED to live!

  • Gain insight into your true being and your purpose of life.
  • Immerse yourself in yoga and the Kundalini Technology, as taught by the Yogi Bhjan.
  • Realize that the Guru lives inside you. And– that happiness is your destiny.
  • Awaken your true potential through these ancient, timeless teachings by moving beyond subconscious limitations.

Sound like waaaay more than becoming a yoga teacher?
It is!! Get Happy Now and save $550



The Tools you need to Succeed in these Times!

Despair and depression are at an all-time high, because of the rapid input of energy in our lives. By becoming a teacher that deeply understands yoga, you will be a beacon of hope to those you encounter. This is the true purpose and blessing of becoming a yoga instructor. You will master a technology that is designed for today’s society. For now. A practice equipped to handle the constant communication and fast pace of today’s society. The time we are living in has been studied by the Yogis for hundreds of Years. It’s known as the Aquarian Age, and Yogi Bhajan hand delivered the technology of Kundalini Yoga to the West in the late 1960’s, for the express purpose of helping us all achieve happiness in this new, challenging and demanding age.

This time-tested, 2,000 year old technology is essential for survival—and happiness right now, as predicted by Yoigi Bhajan. Do this training for yourself. Do it for humankind.



The Journey into Radiance, Becoming a TEACHER!

This yoga teacher training is designed to teach you how to live. In fact, all facets of your life will improve as you deeply understand the intricate principles of Yoga. You will experience more authenticity in your relationships, success in business and conscious communication. Plus a happy, healthy, holy life!

The 200 hour course curriculum includes:

  • Postures, Kriyas and Mantras
  • Meditation and the Mind
  • Breath, prana and apana
  • The history of Yoga
  • The origins of Kundalini Yoga and Yogi Bhjan
  • Sound and Vibration
  • Sadhana, your personal practice
  • Yogic philosophy and psychology
  • Code of Ethics of the Yoga Teacher
  • Building a business and profession
  • Practicum and Exam



Untold gifts await YOU!

The most precious gift worth experiencing in this lifetime is knowing and expressing the authentic self. This course guides you to that joy and gives you the tools to amplify the energy and success in all your efforts. It’s ideal for health practitioners, healers, mothers, business executives…YOU!

Your ability to connect with others and understand the energy of any given situation will become second nature. You’ll experience the limitless joys of sharing this technology…teaching a yoga class, one on one with clients and friends and in your own, individual practice. Plus–here’s the juice. It gains momentum and strength the more you do it. Joy will become the key ingredient to your success and your constant companion.


$2950 Local Students (includes unlimited yoga for two months – value $360)
$2700 Non-local Students

  • Tuition includes the Soul of Yoga Institute 200 Kundalini training manual. Text books are available for purchase through the Soul of Yoga.  Estimated cost for the three books: $75


  • $400 – based on early registration (submitted application) by April 9, 2015
  • $550 – based on early registration and tuition paid in full 10 days prior to the start of class
  • Military, Senior or Full-time student Discount: 20% discount off tuition
  • Upon graduation Sundara graduates receive a 30% discount on all Soul of Yoga regular class packages.


How to Register for Soul of Yoga Institute: 200 Hour Teacher Training

  • Complete and submit an application by mail | or online
  • Registrant is interviewed via phone or in person by the Director
  • Accepted registrants submit non-refundable deposit of $650 within 5 business days in order to guarantee your space in Soul of Yoga Institute. Deposits can be taken via credit card over the phone.
  • Checks should be made to “Soul of Yoga” 627 Encinitas Blvd. Encinitas, CA 92024
  • You will be contacted directly by the Soul of Yoga Institute admissions department to discuss your tuition payments.
  • Prior to the start of the program you will receive a welcome packet and essential program details.

We welcome your questions and comments and would love to help you further your glorious yoga journey. Please feel free to contact the Soul of Yoga Admissions Department at 760.271.7001 or via email at Dawn@SoulofYoga.com with any questions.


Om Shanti

marcia8Mahanraj Kaur “Marcia” Lead Trainer

One of Mahanraj’s greatest joys is sharing the power and happiness of Kundalini Yoga. In addition to transforming her own life and putting her on a path of endless joy, her joy is multiplied through the students she has had the great privilege of watching awaken to this powerful path.

Mahanraj has been studying spiritual practices and meditation since the 1980s.   In 1998 she began her yogic journey with Paramahansa Yogananda. After receiving her Kriya, she became increasingly interested in the power and joy of Yoga.

Mahanraj found the Soul of Yoga and her teacher Tom Kelly in 2001. While studying under Tom (a monk at the Self Relization Temple) she deepened her knowledge for Yoga and devotion to God.  In 2006 Mahanraj became a yoga teacher and found Yogi Bhajan and the Kundalini Technology.

She was in the corporate world for 25 years and experienced the magic and success that being a yogi can bring to a business profession.  By 2010 she fully immersed herself in teaching Yoga, leading spiritual circles and yoga/meditation retreats.  Mahanraj is an Educator-Registered Yoga Teacher, Alliance and KRI, Reiki Master, and Sound Healer

rattana-150x150About Guru Rhattana, PhD.

A pioneering teacher and prolific writer, Guru Rattana is author of four of the original and extremely popular Kundalini Yoga and Meditation manuals. Guru Rattana began studying with Yogi Bhajan in 1977 and is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Her Inner Awareness approach to Kundalini Yoga and Meditation integrates subtle sensory sensitivity into the practice. Guru Rattana earned her Doctorate in Political Science from the Graduate Institute of International Studies ( University of Geneva) and received her Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. She has taught at Dartmouth College, MIT, New Hampshire College, U.S. International University, the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, CA, and Stanford University.

kirin-150x150About Guru Kirin Khalsa

GuruKirin-Kirin Khalsa aka “Guru” Kirin studied kundalini yoga at the feet of the Mahan Tantric and master of kundalini yoga himself, Yogi Bhajan.

She is the co-founder of KRIYA, Kundalini Rising International Yoga Academy which presents Yogic Trainings including Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainings and Tantra Yoga courses including Non-violent compassionate communication, Tantric Numerology, Meditation and the Mind, navigating the 10 dimensions, Thriving in the Aquarian Age and other subjects.

Kirin is an intuitive healer who uses her skills and intuitive visions to clear the way for people to live their destiny path. She supports people with past life readings, Tantric Numerology, aura reading, and helps resolve karma and samskaras (patterns) that are currently affecting this lifetime.

nicole-krupinsky-150x150About Ardas Kaur “Nicole”

Ardas Kaur “Nicole”, originally worked with troubled children and families as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Boston for eight years. In 2000, she experienced a deeper calling to serve in a less traditional setting and began studying the ancient science of Kundalini Yoga at the Guru Ram Das Ashram in Massachusetts. In 2002, Nicole received her K.R.I. International Teacher Training Certification under the guidance of Gurucharan S. Khalsa, Ph.D. Following a move to San Diego, Nicole began to explore the tradition of Vinyassa Yoga and in 2010 completed her Vinyassa Teacher Training under the guidance of Jeanie Carlstead, Founder & Director of La Jolla Yoga Center. This training also incorporated completing level 1 of Anusara Yoga. Most recently, Nicole embraced the teachings of the ancient healing art of Reiki and completed both levels I and II with Trisha Kelly, Co-Founder of the Soul of Yoga in Encinitas, CA. Nicole has studied under several internationally renowned yoga teachers and has taught classes in Boston, Pittsburgh and San Diego.

Nicole has been teaching yoga for over 10 years. She offers fun, creative, and uplifting classes that encourage students to build strength in their physical body while exploring the depth of who they really are. Her focus is on proper alignment, breath work, mantra, and meditation. Nicole is passionate about the chakra system and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others through her Chakra Flow Classes (combination of Kundalini & Vinyassa Yoga). She invites students to creatively learn and experience how they can strengthen and balance these energy centers of their body. Her intuition, attention to detail, and ability to connect on a deeper level with her students has inspired others to embrace their yoga practice more fully. Many of her students have gone on to become teachers themselves. Whether you are in one of Nicole’s traditional Kundalini classes or her Chakra Flow class she will encourage you to dive in fully, embrace your experience, and allow that experience to transform you into a happier, healthier YOU!

 tony-kundaliniAbout Mahanraj Singh “Tony”

Tony “Mahanraj Singh”, E-RYT-500 and KRI certified Yoga Teacher is passionate about the bodies alignment and strength that lead to true liberation in the mind and soul. Tony was first exposed to yoga through the teachings of Maharaj Ji in 1983, this eventually lead him to the Raja yoga tradition through Self Realization in 1997. Since then he has been lead to the physical asana and the gifts it has brought to his life as business owner, husband and dad. He teaches workshops and retreats with his wife Mahanraj Kaur “Marcia”, together they encourage Soul Freedom through the celebration of the authentic nature of the Soul.

Tony’s classes are a deep dive into heart with the breath as a guide. Through Kundalini and Hatha asana he brings the yogi and householder together. There is nothing Tony loves more than sharing the amazing gifts Yoga can offer to an individual seeking better health and deeper peace.

Be Immersed in the Technology of Kundalini Yoga – Just $2,400!

May 21 ~ 25, June 5 ~ 6, July 3 ~ 5, July 31 ~ August 2,
September 4 ~ 7 and September 11 ~ 13

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What our graduates say…

The Soul of Yoga Institute teacher training absolutely transformed me on many levels. I came into it desperately needing clarity and healing in my life, and came out of it with a deeply renewed faith in myself and a solid sense of inner strength. This training is beyond learning to become a yoga teacher—it is about getting into the heart, truly healing and reconnecting with our Divine Essence, and learning to lead a life of love and devotion.

Soul of Yoga Institute is an incredibly rich, transformative, unconditionally loving and supportive experience! You’ll never be the same again! You’ll stretch both internally and externally, you’ll love and be loved, and you’ll discover brothers and sisters you never knew you had. Soul of Yoga teacher training is an experience you’ll treasure all your life!

Soul of Yoga Institute gave me a stage to unlock and hone my soul’s expression within a safe, sacred, and supportive environment. Soul of Yoga teacher training is a doorway into soul-centered living. The rewards are immeasurable!

Soul of Yoga teacher training for me was a spiritual awakening. My life and my passion for yoga has propelled into a desire for greater connection to Source and Spirit. I would recommend it to anyone seeking a deeper spiritual awareness!

I am (beyond words) appreciative of my training that i received from you and the rest of the team at Sundara. The experience on every level prepared me to just dive in here! i didn’t realise that i was going to get thrown into the high-speed lane with my teaching here and if i had done my training anywhere else… i wouldn’t have been prepared for it!

All of the technical training and studies were profound and also being exposed to so many different teaching modalities from the master teachers their at Soul was invaluable. But truly, the biggest thing that prepared me was how the Sundara training turned me inside-out… allowed me to face my deepest darkest parts of myself and transmute the energy to walk at a level of love & light (and hold it!) that wasn’t available to me prior to my training with you! i am eternally grateful to you that i am able to live my life’s purpose at a whole new level!

To Find Out About Our Easy and Affordable Payment Options Call – Dawn, Program Specialist at 760.271.7001 or Sundara@soulofyoga.com.