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Enter the world of extraordinary yoga education that features world renown instructors who unite ancient teachings, cutting edge science and experienced spiritual guidance found only at the Soul of Yoga Institute. Here, you’ll grow your skill level and dive into your spiritual journey. Whether your intention is for personal enrichment, RYT Certification, training for a specialization or learning new tools through a full array of continuing education courses… Soul of Yoga Institute is the place to come.

Master Trainings to Empower your Inner Teacher

A fundamental training in Raja Yoga. Ideal for those desiring to teach powerful and impactful classes as well as embrace a deeper spiritual understanding of yoga.
A masterful advanced training balancing a unique combination of therapeutic application and spiritual exploration. Featuring required courses as well as specialty electives.

A comprehensive course offering the most devoted students all the learning components necessary to earn the title “Yoga Therapist”.
Master this 2000 year old, scientific technology proven to create happiness and awaken your authentic Self!

Specialties and Continuing Education Courses

Soul of Yoga Institute offers specialized trainings, workshops, and continuing education courses which are open to anyone including certified Yoga teachers that are not currently enrolled in the full 500 or 1000 hour training programs. Workshop and training hours are approved for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits.


Kundalini Intensive Training

Kundalini Intensive Training

Kundalini is known as the technology for Happiness. Kundalini Yoga is a Science which […]

Reincarnation and Karma

with Trisha Kelly
The philosophies of Yoga and metaphysics embrace the doctrine of reincarnation and […]


Kundalini Death Practices

Kundalini Death Practices

with Marcia Frescura
During our lives there will be many deaths, many opportunities to embrace […]


Yoga for Mood Management

Yoga for Mood Management

When considering a client’s presenting issues, Yoga Therapists need to have a complete understanding […]

Healing Relationships

When we become ill, we are treated and often cured by prescriptions for medicine, […]

What our Graduates Say

“For me, this process has been a journey into the fantastic. It has allowed me to dance in the very miracle of what this life has to offer….. I learned that yes, the asana is nice, but the source from which it comes, THAT is what has me circle back to the mat everyday. It is the “I am THAT” awareness that has me lit up from the inside. “
Jeanette Pearson,
“  “My life expieriences, as well as teaching, with vast new aspects of knowledge, was easily gained from Sundara 300. It gave me empowerment in my life. It left me with a sense of a great accomplishment, and new tools, for teaching.” 
Liz Robertson,
” “Sundara 300 enriched my teaching abilities, and more importantly, my whole life. The guest speakers are unsurpassed. Each training day brings the perfect balance of asana, lecture, and spiritual study all infused with the incredible love, devotion & energy that is the essence of The Soul of Yoga. I couldn’t recommend a better Advanced Teacher Training!”

Why Be A Yoga Teacher?

      • It is estimated that between 15 and 20 million Americans now practice yoga—double the number of less than ten years ago.
      • The number of Yoga teaching jobs increase each year and have expanded beyond yoga studios into gyms, churches, schools, corporations, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and private practice.
      • Yoga is a authentic healing modality helping people be healthier, manage stress, overcome injuries, recover from illness and create a more meaningful life.

Why Study with Soul of Yoga?

      • We offer a broad array of advanced and spiritual yoga programs taught by renowned master teachers.
      • Soul of Yoga is the leading institute of higher learning for spiritual yoga education in San Diego County.
      • Share your journey in a spiritual yoga teacher community.