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Are you ready to “go deep” and explore the very essence of Yoga… the idea of “union”? Then welcome home.

Soul of Yoga Institute’s 500-Hour Advanced Studies Program is designed especially for 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teachers who wish to pursue a 500-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification. Soul of Yoga Advanced Training is also open to any individual who would like to deepen their knowledge of Yoga and their practice for spiritual living.

You’ll learn a broad array of valuable teaching and healing resources for every individual. A well balanced offering of required courses as well as specialty electives provides a unique combination of therapeutic application and spiritual exploration.

Whether learning about alignment, anatomy, philosophy and therapy or delving deep into your spirituality, our Advanced Studies students will receive the best instruction available from some of the most acclaimed instructors in the world.

One of the most valuable offerings of the Soul of Yoga Institute is our celebrated faculty, which includes many highly acclaimed and world-renowned Master Teachers. Each instructor provides varied educational and experiential teachings that blend together to form a rich amalgam of learning opportunities for every student to enjoy and be enriched by. This makes for a dynamic, passionate, comprehensive program that fosters inspired and knowledgeable RYT 500 hour trained teachers.

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500- Hour Curriculum

Students are required to take:

  • Soul of Life – A 10 Day Session A course in understanding the anatomical and physiological changes that occur within the human life-cycle, and gaining the skills to address to a client’s well being regardless of age or stage of life.
  • Soul of Body – A 10 Day Session An exploration of the functions, dis-ease and healing of the human body from the layered perspectives of anatomy, physiology, mind, energy and spirit.

Students then have the option of taking the additional 100 hours of study through their choice of elective tracks:

General Information on the 500 Hour Training Program

Master Faculty

500-Hour Faculty

leslie kaminoff

Leslie Kaminoff
Yoga Anatomy

Nischala Joy Devi

Nischala Joy Devi
The Energy Bodies
Yoga Sutras


Joe Barnett
Anatomy of Yin Yoga

phil goldberg

Phil Goldberg
American Vedas

Roger Cole

Roger Cole
Iyengar Yoga

tom kelly

Tom Kelly
Spiritual Studies

Trisha Kelly

Trisha Kelly
Metaphysics & Lightwork

Brian Dorfman

Brian Dorfman
Yoga Therapy

Larry Payne

Larry Payne, PhD
Prime of Life Yoga

guru meher khalsa

Guru Meher Khalsa
Kundalini Yoga

flossie park

Flossie Park
Prenatal & Restorative


Sherry Zak Morris
Yoga for Seniors


Vijaya Stern
Ayurvedic Studies


Monique Lonner
Advanced Studies Director

Guru Rhattana

Guru Rhattana
Kundalini Yoga


Justine Shelton
Viniyoga, Yoga Therapy


Nicole Krupinsky
Kundalini Yoga


Meherbani Kaur Khalsa
Kundalini Yoga


Barbara Martin
Spiritual Arts


Blanca Noel
Soul Dialoging

Amy Weintraub

Amy Weintraub
Yoga for Depression

Registration & Tuition Details

Admission Requirements

Successful completion of a 200-hour Yoga teacher training


Local Students: $4600 for the complete 300-hour Advanced Studies Program, which includes unlimited Yoga during and between Parts One – Three.
Non-Local Students: $3900 for the complete 300-hour training

Tuition for 200 Hour and 300 Hour Trainings Combined:

Local Students: $7240 (this includes 12 months of unlimited yoga)
Non-Local Students: $6400


Pay-In-Full: Receive $250 off your tuition by paying in full.
Early bird (1.5 months prior to start of training): $500
10% refer a friend (friend must be enrolled in the same session, 10% is calculated off final discounted price)
Military, Senior: 30% (this may not be combined with any other discount)

Soul of Yoga Institute 200 Hour Alumni Discounts:

$200 anytime 45 days after graduation – can be combined with any other discount
$900 if within 45 days of graduation – this may not be combined with any other discount

Registration is easy!

Option 1: Apply Online


1. Download and complete an application in its entirety.
2. Soul of Yoga will review your application. Once accepted, you shall receive a Welcome Packet that includes an introductory letter, payment plan options, and essential Advanced Program details.
3. Provide an $700 non-refundable/transferable deposit via check or credit card within five business days of acceptance to guarantee your space in Soul of Yoga Institute. Checks should be made to “Soul of Yoga.”

What our Graduates Say
If you are thinking about taking an advanced yoga training, I highly recommend the Soul of Yoga’s Sundara 300 hour program!  This training takes the yoga experience and training experience to a whole new level. It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to study intimately with some of the most highly acclaimed Master Yoga teachers in the world today. I am often in awe of the many decades of study, practice and discipline that these teachers have gone through to gain the knowledge they have, and how they so generously share it with us. It is a priceless and precious gift. 
Leana Levinsohn,
The Sundara 300 Yoga Teacher Training changed my life.  Studying with Master Teachers and understanding the richness of the various yoga traditions helped me better understand my students and myself.  It gave be the skills and confidence to become a yoga studio owner, create a yoga school, and to teach anyone that walks into my class.  Sundara College not only provides the training necessary to evolve as a yoga teacher, it also nourishes the Soul.  One is immersed in an environment of Love and finds deep peace and awareness within Self.  It is from this loving Self that my Soul teaches yoga.  
Malisa Bobbitt,
When I signed up for the training, I had no idea that it was going to change everything in my life. On the personal level, the most important part is that I learned about LOVE like I didn’t know existed! This changed everything else in my life, the way I see myself and others, the way I interact with everyone that crosses my path, and it showed me why I’m here right now, I found the purpose of this lifetime!
Now I have tools to deal with daily situations and circumstances that before it would take over my mind and my heart, and lived with all that building inside me, making my life stressful and many times sad.
I now live with joy, I find peace in simple things.
Life is a challenge, every day…but I now i know how to surrender and find the way out.
As a yoga teacher, oh my, I have so much to teach, that I have to contain myself! The change in my life is clear in my teachings, the confidence, knowledge, that the sundarian training gave me, it’s a true gift.
I really don’t know how to express the gratitude to, Tom, trisha, Monique, Flossie and all the staff at the soul. Their dedication,the work, support, the LOVE that they give to put the program together and how they listen to us when we go through all the changes that happen while we process all the teachings.
I went to the soul of yoga to get my 300 hour yoga certification and came out with a beautiful way of life that I didn’t know it could be possible!
Elena Tate,
Upon enrolling myself in the Sundara 300 advanced teacher training at Soul of Yoga, I had completed my 200-hour certification at another yoga studio  - one where they mostly practiced vinyasa flow/power yoga in a 90-degree room. It was a great training… but since yoga is an ancient science with a variety of lineages/traditions to explore,  it wasn’t surprising to me that 200 hours felt like I had barely scratched the surface.  Living in the San Diego area there’s a ton of great yoga studios…but the Soul of Yoga is filled with students, teachers, and other staff who are all so welcoming and just oozing with love. If it was just the in-house teacher who led the training, I still would’ve signed up- no question… but then I saw their all-star guest teacher lineup for the 300-hr program and I was sold. I was sold again and almost felt like I was robbing them when I realized that this training includes continuing education for life! Maybe there are other programs who allow you to keep attending the workshops that would normally cost $100+ for a lifetime after graduating, included in price of the tuition when you enroll,  but in my initial search I didn’t find any that also offered this enormous value.  When I showed up for my first day, I did not have a regular meditation practice – I had an uncontrollable monkey mind and a bit of a ‘tude. For others like me, I can’t imagine two better teachers to help you fall in love with meditation than Tom & Trisha Kelly…beyond that, they are two deeply experienced teachers who really truly live what they teach. I could go on and on, but I will conclude with one of my favorite favorites – from the first day of attending this training, I was instantly a member of a diverse, loving community of yogis and I made many awesome life-long friends who have formed an amazing support system for my soul and my teaching career.  For these and other reasons, I consider the Sundara 300 training to be SO much more than just a teacher training I attended… it was a life-changing experience that I will continue to re-visit for the rest of my life. Thank you Soul of Yoga!
Lindsay Russo,
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