Be Immersed in the Technology of Kundalini Yoga – Just $2,400!

May 21 ~ 25, June 5 ~ 6, July 3 ~ 5, July 31 ~ August 2,
September 4 ~ 7 and September 11 ~ 13




Master yourself and live the life You are DESTINED to live!

  • 2014 ny dayGain insight into your true being and your purpose of life.
  • Immerse yourself in yoga and the Kundalini Technology, as taught by the Yogi Bhjan.
  • Realize that the Guru lives inside you. And– that happiness is your destiny.
  • Awaken your true potential through these ancient, timeless teachings by moving beyond subconscious limitations.

Sound like waaaay more than becoming a yoga teacher?
It is!! Get Happy Now and save $550


The Tools you need to Succeed in these Times!

Despair and depression are at an all-time high, because of the rapid input of energy in our lives. By becoming a teacher that deeply understands yoga, you will be a beacon of hope to those you encounter. This is the true purpose and blessing of becoming a yoga instructor. You will master a technology that is designed for today’s society. For now. A practice equipped to handle the constant communication and fast pace of today’s society. The time we are living in has been studied by the Yogis for hundreds of Years. It’s known as the Aquarian Age, and Yogi Bhajan hand delivered the technology of Kundalini Yoga to the West in the late 1960’s, for the express purpose of helping us all achieve happiness in this new, challenging and demanding age.

This time-tested, 2,000 year old technology is essential for survival—and happiness right now, as predicted by Yoigi Bhajan. Do this training for yourself. Do it for humankind.


The Journey into Radiance, Becoming a TEACHER!

Kundalini-groupThis yoga teacher training is designed to teach you how to live. In fact, all facets of your life will improve as you deeply understand the intricate principles of Yoga. You will experience more authenticity in your relationships, success in business and conscious communication. Plus a happy, healthy, holy life!

The 200 hour course curriculum includes:

  • Postures, Kriyas and Mantras
  • Meditation and the Mind
  • Breath, prana and apana
  • The history of Yoga
  • The origins of Kundalini Yoga and Yogi Bhjan
  • Sound and Vibration
  • Sadhana, your personal practice
  • Yogic philosophy and psychology
  • Code of Ethics of the Yoga Teacher
  • Building a business and profession
  • Practicum and Exam


Untold gifts await YOU!

The most precious gift worth experiencing in this lifetime is knowing and expressing the authentic self. This course guides you to that joy and gives you the tools to amplify the energy and success in all your efforts. It’s ideal for health practitioners, healers, mothers, business executives…YOU!

Your ability to connect with others and understand the energy of any given situation will become second nature. You’ll experience the limitless joys of sharing this technology…teaching a yoga class, one on one with clients and friends and in your own, individual practice. Plus–here’s the juice. It gains momentum and strength the more you do it. Joy will become the key ingredient to your success and your constant companion.

Cost $2950 Local $2750 non-Local

Early Bird Discount $550 if paid in full and deposit made by June 20th!