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3rd Monday of Every Month, 9am – 10:30am by Donation

What if you could let go of all limiting beliefs around wealth, health, happiness and love? What if there was a technology removes all blocks and limitations? One that heals and elevates your energy to such a degree that opportunity and success effortlessly flow into your life.

Well, there is!

Kundalini Mantras, Kriyas, and Meditations are the superhighway to the energy you need for prosperity in all areas of your life!

Students are loving this class and feedback is extremely positive.
Tina, Ardas Tanar, has studied and practiced prosperity techniques and teaching for over 25 years. Join her for the highest and most advanced prosperity techniques. Claim your birthright of abundance!

By Donation – There must be an exchange of energy for the principles to work in your life.


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