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With clarity and deep insights gained from over 40 years of daily practice, Guru Rattana explains what you can expect (and not expect) from the practice of this sacred technology. She will share how to:

  •  Tap Your Inner Powers
  •  Awaken Consciousness
  •  Personalize Your Practice
  •  Maximize the Subtle Benefits
  •  Monitor the Stages of Your Awakening

There is no way out. There is only one way and that is for the individual to relate to his or her consciousness consciously. — Yogi Bhajan

The moment you become aware of who you are, everyone on this planet will become aware of who you are. Your only setback is when you are not aware of who you are. You are not only one thing, but you are everything all the time, under all circumstances. ­­– Yogi Bhajan

Cost $35

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