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Kundalini Workshop, Saturday, March 25th 1 to 4pm, $30

 This spring experience the wisdom of Renewal, Rebirth and Resurrection and the tools to Keep Up!  Feel the Rising Spirit of Love as we are blessed with the energy of Retrograde Venus in Aries and Retrograde Jupiter in Libra.  This explosive combination has you NEEDING TO BE YOU and UNDERSTAND DEEPLY THE OTHER IS YOU! 

DEVELOP the energy to see your life clearly as it really is in this precious moment.

RECOGNIZE in every moment God and your Soul are co-creating the perfect Destiny for your life.

MASTER resurrection as a moment to moment invitation to Rise Up and Keep Up

RECEIVE kriyas, meditations and guidance that will accelerate your healing and progress

EXPERIENCE the remastering of your matrix through a deep Sound and Pranic Healing

MAP out the energetic portals from now until Summer Solstice and build a Sadhana to contain and harness the energy

 “It means “Rising spirit.” it is called ‘resurrection.’ Continuous resurrection. Not just once, but all the time, every time, in every minute! There is no duality about it. It means you rise to the occasion as it confronts you. But rise! Be above it!  Resurrect!” Yogi Bhajan

 Everyone attending will have a written Map of the Power Portals that will lead us to Summer Solstice & an audio guided meditation for developing your Rising Spirit of Love and the gifts you received in the workshop!

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