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Kundalini Yoga Workshop

with Raghubir Kaur Khalsa


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“Now, try to understand in your life when you are blocked, when you start loving a block, then that block becomes your diety.  It becomes your energy, it becomes your Goddess, it becomes your worship.  It becomes your alter and an alter has no alternative.  So basically you create a block and a block and a block and finally you create a wall and you don’t move.”  ~Yogi Bhajan 1993

Moving the body seems simple enough; It’s a known fact that when you move the body you can change your mood and your mental “location” through the increased circulation, changing the breath pattern, and transference from the mental to the physical. Loving the Self means honoring your Soul and honoring your Soul means giving it the space to BE. If you enclose your Soul in a prison built from your self-created limitations and don’t move your energy so it becomes stagnant and blocked, you are not going to be happy…and you are definitely NOT going to be creative.

◾ Learn how easily creative blocks can be dismantled once you understand how
◾ Identify and remove self-imagined limitations and obstacles through self-inquiry and meditation
◾ Move and circulate the energy from the lower energy centers to the higher centers and experience a clearing of body, mind and soul.