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Friday Dec 9, 10:45am-5:15pm & Saturday Dec 10, 10:45-5:15pm

In this workshop Leslie Kaminoff, the author of the top-selling book Yoga Anatomy will cover the most essential aspects of theory and practice from his unique, anatomically-informed perspective on the breath-centered yoga of Krishnamacharya and Desikachar. The energetic phenomenon of breathing will be discussed and students will gain a deeper understanding of the anatomy, kinesiology and physiology of breathing.

This workshop will address:

  • How breathing occurs on every level – from cells to systems and beyond,
  • The basics of breath physiology,
  • The structure and function of the diaphragm,
  • The key structures involved in breathing,
  • How breath coordinates with and supports movement,
  • The misunderstood concept of “maximal oxygenation”, i.e. the truth about oxygen and carbon dioxide, hyperventilation, and metabolic loads,
  • The physiology of meditative states,
  • What anatomy is,
  • Western and yogic models of anatomy and physiology,
  • The physical correlates of the koshas, chakras, nadis and kundalini.

Tuition: $200

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