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Grief is inherent in every life.

Indeed every condition, be it mental or physical, implies a certain degree of grief since it involves some form of loss: either loss of functionality due to the condition itself, or the loss of the illusion of an absolutely healthy life.

As a result, most Yoga Professionals can face grieving individuals in their practice and could benefit from having some knowledge regarding the grieving process as well as how Yoga can aid it.

In this workshop, participants will learn about:
– Grief as seen in Western and Eastern conceptualizations.
– The physical symptoms of grief and their psychoneurological basis
– The physical and emotional relevance of the Heart Chakra in the grieving process.
– The Yoga for Grief Relief Sadhana (practice) that presents five sections that aid the transformation of Grief into a resource of personal growth:
Pranayama, Asana, Shatkarma, Relax and Sankalpa.
– Specific initial grief treatment guidelines that can be applied by Yoga Therapists in their general practice.


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