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Sound Healing
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Didgeridoo Exploration Vibration Level 1:  February 8-10, 2019
Ashana – Crystal Bowl Mastery Level 1:  April 5-7, 2019
100 Hour Foundations of Sound Healing:  Module A: September 12-17, 2019 & Module B: October 24-29, 2019

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Accessing the mind-body medicine and power of sound!

This comprehensive course brings together world renowned master teachers and experts in the field of sound to guide students in accessing the power of sound from within and connecting with their own unique expression. You will learn how sound works, as well as practical application, including instruction on how to easily break down techniques to share with others. The course dives into both the art and science of sound as a healing modality and teaches the fundamentals of skillful facilitation in any healing arts space or professional practice.

This course is perfect for all levels, as the novice to the seasoned sound healer will benefit from our expert instructors. No prior experience is needed.

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Didgeridoo Sound Healing Certification -Level 1 (25 Hour)

February 8-10, 2019

with Sam David


Early Bird $600 until Jan 10; $750 Thereafter

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Ashana - Crystal Bowl Mastery Level 1

April 5-7, 2019

Take your crystal bowl playing to the next level in this transformational healing sound immersion
with Crystal Bowl Artist & Sound Healer ASHANA

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100hr Foundations of Sound Healing

Module A: September 12-19, 2019 Module B: Oct. 24-29, 2019
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Approved External Coursework

January Training
February Training

Sound Healing Faculty and Alumni


Talk Tone Heal Facilitator Training


Talk Tone Heal Facilitator Training

Diáne Mandle

Intro to Tibetan Sound Healing & Instruments

Diáne Mandle

Intro to Tibetan Sound Healing & Instruments


Crystal Bowl Mastery Level 1


Crystal Bowl Mastery Level 1

Richard Miller, PhD

Pranayama for Sound Healing

Richard Miller, PhD

Pranayama for Sound Healing

William “Lupito” Jones

Alchemy, Consciousness, & Crystal Bowls

William “Lupito” Jones

Alchemy, Consciousness, & Crystal Bowls

Jonathan & Joshua Goldman

Foundations in Sound Healing

Jonathan & Joshua Goldman

Foundations in Sound Healing

Amanda Domnitz, RN

Intro to Sound Healing Tools & Instruments

Amanda Domnitz, RN

Intro to Sound Healing Scientific Research & Studies

Dr. Tamara Goldsby

Intro to Sound Healing Scientific Research & Studies

Dr. Tamara Goldsby

Intro to Scientific Research


International authority on sound healing and a pioneer in the field of harmonics.  He is the director of the Sound Healers Association, president of Spirit Music, Inc., and an award winning author and musician for his work in sound healing.  He has dedicated his life to the path of service, helping awaken and empower others with the ability of sound to heal and transform.


Born into the world of Sound Healing and has been working in the field his entire life. He is the son of Sound Healing Pioneer, Jonathan Goldman, and currently works with Goldman’s Healing Sounds as a facilitator at events such as the Healing Sounds Intensive. He also works as an Associate Director of the Sound Healers Association, helping to organize events and spread knowledge through the sound healing community. He especially enjoys hosting toning groups and seeing people experience the direct effects of sound for the first time.


A clinical psychologist, author, researcher, yogic scholar and spiritual teacher. For over 40 years, Richard Miller has devoted his life and work to integrating the nondual wisdom teachings of Yoga, Tantra, Advaita, Taoism and Buddhism with Western psychology. Among his mentors were Jean Klein, T.K.V. Desikachar and Stephen Chang.


WAH! has been working in the field of personal development for over 25 years and has published books on yoga and healing. She has lectured at Princeton University, Loyola Marymount University, performed with Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and taught at Omega Institute and 1440 Multiversity. She teaches workshops, yoga teacher training modules and performs Healing Concerts in planetariums and theaters across the country. Wah! Is a legend in the yoga world, a luminary in the field of Sound Healing, the first woman to bring kirtan back into popularity and her teachings inspire profound personal growth.


Diáne Mandle is an internationally known author, recording artist with Sounds True, Tibetan bowl practitioner, and educator and the only state certified practitioner/instructor in California. Diáne has given over 250 educational concert programs in 32 states as well as in India, Costa Rica, Mexico and St. Croix. She has been a frequent guest presenter at the Museum of Making Music, California State University San Marcos, The Golden Door, The Deepak Chopra Center, Rancho la Puerta and KPBS. She is a featured expert in the upcoming video series: Tao—Living in Balance along with healers such as Dr. Wayne Dyer and John Gray.


William “Lupito” Jones is Co-owner & founder of Crystal Tones Singing Bowls


Ashana is a performer, recording artist, sound healer and teacher, Ashana tours the world with her concerts, workshops, Sound Wisdom Retreats and Crystalline Activation ceremonies. She makes her home in Phoenix, AZ with her husband, Native Hawaiian Healer James Kawainui. And, of course, her magnificent family of crystal singing bowls.


Dr. Tamara Goldsby has been affiliated with U.C. San Diego for over a decade, holding academic and research positions. Additionally, she is Lead Faculty at the California Institute for Human Science. Her research focus is integrative health and especially sound healing.


was born in Hawaii and has traveled the world sharing the activating and healing power of sound, for over 20 years. Raised part of his life with the Chumash Native Americans of central California, Sam learnt their sacred practices and drumming. The didgeridoo and voice has been his original passion and has lead him on a journey of healing and learning about the powerful effects sound has on people. Sam is an intuitive sound healer musician. He has integrated powerful sound healing techniques from many different cultures. He weaves indigenious didjeridoo sounds and Tuvin throat singing, overtones, Tibetan monks, Native American’s, and Whales of the deep. There is also a higher frequency element of crystal pyramids and crystal bowls woven through out the sound journeys.


TEDx speaker, scientist and epi-genetics researcher.  Her early research pioneered the use of disruptive technologies to enhance the healthcare industry through genetic diagnostics.  Her TEDx talk at Winnipeg Exchange District outlined her vision for a society built on greater compassion, through an understanding of our genetically encoded subconscious responses to different environmental stimuli. In 2017, Kulvinder founded Kreomics, a consultancy firm which specializes in empowering the wellness industry with scientific support for their offerings.


Amanda has spent over two decades studying wellness in both western and eastern modalities, including becoming a Registered Nurse, Yoga instructor, Energy worker and Registered Sound Healer. She has been leading sound healing workshops and providing further sound education to children, medical personnel, families, adults, and in hospice settings since 2013.   It is her sincere and heartfelt pledge to the many soul seekers who find themselves at the door of the Soul of Yoga and beyond, to assist them in finding their own connection to Source through the simple gifts that Sound Healing offers.


Tiffany is a clinician and published researcher in subtle energy devices and practices. Tiffany is in private practice as a Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Counselor where she integrates energy psychologies, sound healing practices and devices of Biofield Therapies. Her personal mentors include, Dr. Norm Shealy, Caroline Myss, Christine Page and many more.


Chiara’s love of beauty and everything sacred led her to study Feng Shui and Vastu… she also continues her studies in shamanism, energy healing, metaphysics, and Ayurveda. Her passion is also in leading ceremonies, offering Breath work, Light work, space clearing, creating sacred space and altars, blessing ways, and guided meditation… she is an intuitive guide and mentor, sound healer and above all Mother.


Dhyanjot, aka Swami Yoga Pathik is a gong master, reiki master, and sound alchemist initiated from the lineage of Yogi Bhajan, Krishnamacharya, and Osho. A student of yoga for 20 years, a teacher for 10, and current lead trainer at the Kundinyasa School of Yoga. He has also been influenced by acclaimed teachers such as Parmahansa Yogananada, Sathya Sai Baba, and more modern teachers Dr. Joseph Levry “Gurunam” and Jeffrey Armstrong. Dhyanjot’s motto is: “our greatest responsibility in any healing modality is to do no harm. Realize there are no players, just listeners. In practice we become conduits for an egoless channel of light so existence can work on whatever the recipients is ready to heal”


Paul is Professor and Chief, Department of Family Medicine and Public Health at UC San Diego, Director of the Center of Excellence for Research and Training in Integrative Health, Director of the Integrative Health and Mind-Body Biomarker Laboratory, and Director of Research for the Chopra Foundation. He has expertise in Integrative Medicine and psychoneuroimmune processes in wellness and disease, publishing extensively on these topics.

Registration, Financial Aid and Certifications


100 Hour Certification Program Early Bird price (until 8/1/19 ): $2,500. After Aug 1st , $2,850

25-50 Hour Trainings individually priced – See each training for specific pricing and early bird rates (if applicable).

Financial Aid

The Sound Institute offers payment plans. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required. The balance, plus an 8% service fee, will be placed on your account. Monthly auto-payments will be drawn using a Visa or MasterCard.

Questions? Email Program Director, Amanda Domnitz at amanda@soulofyoga.com


Upon completion of Module A and B, you will receive a 100 Hour Sound Healing Certificate from the Soul of Yoga.
CE’s are available for RN and Yoga Alliance depending on the instructor.

The moment I walked into the door I felt love and warmth. I felt a sense of comfort like I was home. I joined the 300hr teacher training. I am so happy that I did my research and chose the Soul of Yoga. They bring in Master teachers who have studied with Gurus around the world not to mention the knowledge and realness of the teachers who teach there daily. Flossie, Monique, Trisha, Tom and Tony. They offer many workshops and continuing education even beyond Yoga teacher training. I am a lifetime student of “The Soul.” The family that I’ve joined when coming to “The Soul” will leave a lasting impression in my heart forever.
Jennifer N. Denver, CO

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