Sound Healing Certifications and Workshops

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The world of sound healing is within your reach!

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We all carry within us the natural, resonate power of sound. Whether you are just beginning your journey into sound healing or you are an experienced practitioner, the Sound Institute is here to support you with a wide variety of offerings.

  • We have workshops from 2 to 25 hours where you can learn from masters in their craft as you hone in on a modality that resonates with you.
  • Join us for our 100hr Foundations of Sound Healing training and become a 100 hour Sound Healing certified teacher. Continue your journey with 200, 500 and 1,000 hour certifications.
  • Train with the leaders in the field of sound healing. We are proud to work with world renowned teachers whose expert instruction is unparalleled, allowing you to access your own, inner maestro.
  • Feel it for yourself. Join us for classes, clubs and events where you are enveloped in the transformative power of sound.

Foundations Course

We suggest all students take the 100 Hour Foundations of Sound Healing Training and add on a-la-carte workshops and trainings in areas they are interested in.

Foundations of Sound Healing (100 Hours)
Part 1: September 12-17, 2019 & Part 2: October 24-29, 2019

Explore an incredible range of instruments and modalities with more than 15 master teachers and experts in the field of sound including Jonathan Goldman, Silvia Nakkach and Wah!. This course is perfect for all levels, where the novice to the seasoned sound healer are taught to access the power of sound from within, helping them connect to their own unique expression. Students learn how sound works, its practical application and the fundamentals of skillful sound facilitation in any space. No prior experience is needed.

Workshops and Trainings

A-la-carte workshops and trainings allow students to study in areas they are interested in to expand thei