200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training


with Dana Damara

Fall/Winter Training Dates: Sept 20-22, Sept 27-29, Oct 25-27, Nov 8-10, Nov 22-24, Dec 6-8

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“Teaching yoga is not about teaching yoga at all. It’s about knowing your passion, honoring your uniqueness, living your core values, sharing your perspective on what’s important, and then learning how to use your voice to share it. ”— Dana Damara

Yoga is not something you “do” but rather it is a way of living; it’s a lifestyle that weaves its way into your day-to-day. Yoga happens when you bring
your actions off the mat, into alignment with your soul’s longing and your deepest truths.

It’s not about mastering any pose, but rather it’s about digging into the depths of your truth, your heart, your soul, and your mission and then moving in that direction. When you wake up to this power of stillness and alignment in the body, mind, and soul, you gain access to your deepest truth.

Our intention as teachers is to share what we know, as we know it, always evolving and expanding. If you wait to be perfect or master the process, you are missing the entire point.

Free Info Session – Aug 8th 7:00pm at Soul of Yoga

The curriculum covers:


This training introduces you to a snippet of yogic history and philosophy via the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita. We explore the 8 Limb Path and dive into the Yamas and Niymas: guidelines for yogic living. We share these ancient texts from a place of deep respect and reverence for the practice while introducing ways to apply this knowledge in every day living.

Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy and physiology is a valuable part of the 200hour training. It’s important to understand how the body works and how to keep your students safe. We explore all layers of the body from the mechanics of physical movement to the deepest layers of energy and the subtle body. You will learn the body mechanics of each posture, structural alignment, and how to support students in finding appropriate alignment in their own bodies. We introduce you to the benefits of each pose and how to support anyone experiencing contraindications like pregnancy or injury.

Asana and Pranayam

Every weekend offers an in depth look at essential asana and how to deliver them in a class setting. You will learn cueing techniques that satisfy all styles of learning: visual, auditory and kinesthetic, and offer tools to keep each student safe and supported in the pose.

Pranayam is the cornerstone of yoga as it delivers the space necessary in each moment to calm and clear the mind. As a society, our nervous systems are on high alert, all the time. The power of this breath is what sets yoga apart, it IS the healing salve. You will learn various techniques on how to deliver breath and movement for many audiences. You will have multiple opportunities to not only learn these techniques but to practice them in a classroom setting.

Teaching Methodology

We will share different ways to support students in their postures, how to sequence a class, connect with your students, and create a welcoming and supportive environment. No two teachers are the same, so we are here to empower your deepest expression and foster confidence in your learning. We do this through practice and integration in the training and classroom structure. We want you to develop and recognize your own unique, authentic voice and will support your intuitive and intelligent learning throughout the process.

Business of Yoga

If you desire to teach yoga and share these teachings, we are here to support you every step of the way. We share all the info you need to get started as a yoga professional. Counting heads in a class is not sustainable – developing your passions as a leader in your community and creating a career around your passions is.

SEVA and Omwork

We are a firm believer in self-less service, or SEVA. Therefore, in order to receive your certificate from Dana Damara Evolution, we ask that you make sure you are practicing outside of our sessions. Not only that but there are multiple homework (Omwork) assignments that are required to keep you on target.

Additionally, you are required to take your practice outside our walls and share these teachings for 8 hours