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Soul of Body Module

10 Consecutive Days
December 4 – 13 2017



This course is an exploration of the human body systems, their functions, relationships, dis-eases and capacity for healing, from the layered perspectives of the western medical approach and yogic holistic understanding.

As a yoga teacher and therapist it is important that you understand the anatomy and physiology of the human body as it functions as an integrated whole. The ancient Yogis understood that mind, body and spirit are interrelated. They taught that true health is predicated on balance, on all levels of being and all systems of the body working in harmony.

During this course you will journey through seven body systems. You will receive a comprehensive education and applicable yogic tools to help you be a therapeutic resource for a range of medical conditions and physical situations.

Faculty Includes: Leslie Kaminoff, Stephani Sutherland, PhD, Tony Chadwell, HHP, Chinnamasta Stiles, Justine Shelton, Monique Lonner.


December 4-13, 2017

This guided interactive session is a time for you to share your observations, learning experiences, challenges, and questions that have arisen during training. 

Included in Soul of Body

Digestive System

December 4 & 5, 2017

With Chinnamasta Stiles

Appropriate digestion is one of the keys to prevent disease, initiate healing and to maintain great health. A balanced diet, strong digestive function and regular elimination are necessary for a vibrant, energetic physical body. If the digestive system is out of balance dis-ease can ensue. Learn from Chinnamasta Stiles, Ayurvedic Practictioner, Nurse,and Structual Yoga Therapist. She will provide an overview of the western digestive model and the yogic multi-dimensional anatomy model.

Included in Soul of Body

A La Carte $145

The Myofascial Web

December 6th & 7th, 2017

With Tom Myers

Join Anatomy Trains author Tom Myers for a far-reaching tour of the muscular-skeletal system and myofascial web. Learn how we are held together, how we move and learn new moves, and how yoga can ‘shapeshift’ your bodily system from your daily movements down through your physiology to the epigenetic expression deep in your cells.

Included in Soul of Body

A La Carte $500

Vascular And Lymphatic Systems

December 8, 2017

With Tony Chadwell

The vascular and lymphatic systems deliver nutrients and remove metabolic and immune system waste. Together they work to keep every cell fed and free of toxic material. In this workshop, Tony Chadwell provides an overview of both systems and their integration points. He’ll explain how blockages and imbalances can foster heart disease, cancer, lymphedema and other dis-eased conditions. Together, you will explore how specific yoga practices can directly effect these systems to re-engender health.

Included in Soul of Body

A La Carte $90

Respiratory System

December 9 & 10, 2017

With Leslie Kaminoff

In this workshop Leslie Kaminoff, author of the top-selling book Yoga Anatomy, will cover the most essential aspects of yoga and the respiratory system. His theory and practice derive from his unique, anatomically-informed perspective on the breath-centered yoga of Krishnamacharya and Desikachar. You will gain a deeper understanding of the anatomy, kinesiology, and physiology of breathing.

Included in Soul of Body

A La Carte $180

Nervous & Endocrine Systems

December 11 & 12, 2017

With Stephani Sutherland, PhD

Over 100 million Americans are living with chronic stress and pain. Safe, effective treatments are hard to come by but research has shown that yoga can improve life for people with chronic pain and stress conditions. In this workshop, Neuroscientist and Yoga teacher Stephani Sutherland, PhD will provide an overview of the nervous and endocrine systems. She will review how these systems are intimately linked to each other and how they work together to experience stress and pain.

Included in Soul of Body

A La Carte $180
This place is a true spiritual mecca! I love all the teachers and the people who attend their training programs. I have never had a disappointing class or a bad experience. I always walk out with my soul fed and nurtured. They offer so many great programs. I am in their Holistic Yoga Therapy training and each section and class blows me away. I love the support staff and the ambiance. Monique is the creator of the teacher training program and is a luminous gem of a woman. She is the epitome of loving kindness and compassion. I will continue to study here for a long long time. I am so glad the universe led me here.
Marissa H. Tacoma, WA

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Financial Aid Services

The Soul Institute is committed to investing in motivated yogis by helping students accommodate the financial commitment of education. We offer a number of discounts to financially reward qualifying students. We are MyCAA approved and offer assistance with navigating the MyCAA scholarship process for military spouses. Lastly we offer customized payment plans. Explore the information below and reach out with any questions while you are moving through the application process.

Financial Aid

The Soul Institute offers payment plans. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required. The balance, plus an 8% Service Fee, will be placed on your account. Monthly auto-payments will be drawn using a Visa or MasterCard. 200 Hour training payment plans not to exceed 6 months.

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Military Financing Available

MyCAA Funding gives eligible military spouses the opportunity to train for portable jobs in growing career fields, including becoming a Yoga Teacher. Soul of Yoga Institute is MYCAA approved. Click below for more information about MyCAA or email

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