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Letting Go – A Transformation Blog by Dana Reece

I. The Mind’s Destructive Games

I'd been on the table for half an hour before I started to cry. And even then, it wasn't a sob or sound of any sort, neither something I welcomed nor attempted to suppress. It [...]

II. Letting Go of What No Longer Serves Us

  It wasn't all that long after suddenly realizing I wasn't doing the things I wanted to do in life all that often, making a list of those things, putting fairly diligent awareness on them [...]

III. The Body as Practice

  Recently, in Letting Go of What No Longer Serves Us, I shared about trying things a little differently as a way to spark growth and change. After ripping every article of clothing I have [...]

IV. The Benefits of Ignoring Conventional Wisdom

  Today I did what everyone says not to do. It is one month until Halloween, and I bought a Halloween dress that is so tight that dancing will not be an option for me [...]

V. The Destructive Power of the Papers We Keep

Today, I am burning things.   It is not particularly cold out, but I am burning things anyway.   Marie Kondo style, I am "ninjaing" through the paperwork in my house that neither brings me [...]

VI. Do Your Possessions Reveal Your Fears?

I am struck by how many things I have done and kept in my life in anticipation that a bad thing might happen. Just take a moment and ask yourself, how much of what you have [...]

VII: The Life-Changing Benefits of Eating with Awareness

In addition to the clutter clearing rampage I've been on in my house, I mentioned earlier on that I had decided to take on a fitness challenge. Basically, a few injuries and a few extra [...]

VIII: The Power of Letting Go of Expectations

Ah, transformation. What is it, really? For me, it turns out that it is letting go. When I started this personal transformation blogging exploration, what I said I wanted to see was how to make [...]

IX: On Raising a Son Who will Never Walk or Talk

Sometimes, everything I've been through as a single parent raising two children, one of whom is very disabled, hits me hard. Usually, it happens when I see another parent wielding a wheelchair with a child [...]

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