Kundalini energy often termed as Shakti energy is something that we all have.  It is not relegated to any one practice, meditation or yoga.  It is your birthright.  Kundalini is the uncoiling of your being.  It is a gift.  It is yours.  And it is one of the most powerful energies you have for your awakening. 

Think of it like this.  If your Soul was a rocket Kundalini Energy would be the rocket fuel.  It is the potential creativity of the infinite in the finite. It is ultimate happiness in life, it is super-humanly human. 

In yoga and meditation we set about on a journey to have a relationship with this energy.  This ultimate wisdom lies dormant at the base of our spine for most of our lives.  In yoga we begin to awaken this energy.  Normally Kundalini energy is triggered by emergency, tragedy, or psychological despair.  This is not a Kundalini Awakening or Rising…it is a Kundalini emergency.  For example, a mother sees a car has rolled onto her child and she lifts it off of them with “super human strength”.  With Kundalini Yoga we systematically have an experience with this energy in every class, develop a relationship with it.  We are able to call upon it at will.  Sometimes in just one deep breath.  

When we bring our attention to the blessing of Kundalini or Shakti, we open at our own pace to its intelligence, grace, and compassion.  Kundalini Yoga reveals your strength, your truth. It radiates in every facet of your life.  It is a scientific technology which can be learned and taught.  It is taught in class. Kundalini Yoga classes are not momentary diversions to look or feel unusual.  

Now is the time to have a deeper experience with your own truth so that you can understand it and the truth of the world!  Kundalini/Shakti is a gift!  Kundalini Yoga offers a classic truth which radiates in every facet of life.  It is a scientific technology of happiness.   

Wahe Guru!

Mahanraj Kaur “Marcia”

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