Are You the Bull or the Butterfly?

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Contraction vs Expansion  Contraction is a state of resistance, tension, a need to control or protect. Expansion is a belief or faith that regardless the circumstance, all is well, and it is safe to be open. Contraction is rigid and impermeable. Expansion is soft and fluid. Contraction feels like the weight of a bull elephant [...]

Spring Cleanse in Comfort with Kitcheri

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I’ve tried and failed many a Spring cleanse. I am just not good with being hungry. I get really grouchy and I can’t think straight. I’ve tried the Master cleanse, different juice and smoothie types but I always stop because I’m just too uncomfortable and unable to function well. The Kitcheri cleanse recommended by my [...]

Get moving towards better digestive health

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Digestive imbalance is almost at epidemic levels these days. Constipation, IBS, acid reflux, GERD, etc. plague a whopping 70 million people every day.  The omnipresence of processed food, GMO’s and increased use of medication is largely blamed for for the loss of our ability to properly digest our food. This is highly concerning because when [...]

Ask the Yoga Therapist: Peripheral Neuropathy

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Dear Monique, I went through chemotherapy cancer treatment and now I have numbness in my lower legs and feet. It makes it hard to do standing and balance poses in my yoga classes because I can’t feel the souls of my feet. Can Yoga Therapy help me? Signed, Tingle Toes   Dear Tingle Toes, describes [...]

What Not to Say: “Pull your flesh away from your sitz bones”

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I am the Director of Advanced Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapy Training at Soul of Yoga.  Over the years I have learned countless wonderful things from my students. These students are already yoga teachers and are enrolled in training in order to deepen their skill sets and/or become certified Yoga Therapists.  Some have been teaching [...]

Working with chronic disease through Yoga

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As yoga teachers and therapists students often come to us and tell us they have digestive issues or hormonal imbalances, auto-immune disorders, or cancer.  They’ve shown up because they’ve heard great things about yoga and they believe it may be able help them. If you’re nervous about how to help a student or client facing [...]

The Gift of Teaching Prenatal Yoga

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I have been teaching prenatal yoga for over 13 years and training prenatal yoga teachers for 10 years. One might ask, “What keeps you so motivated after all this time?” While guiding pregnant women in a yoga practice is truly inspiring for me, the calling to teach prenatal yoga extends so far beyond the classroom. [...]